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Y. Altman, R. Batko, M. Davies, K. Baliga-Nicholson.:

The online trade and consumption of Jewish figurines and pictures of Jewish figures in contemporary Poland – An anti-Semitic discourse?

Abstract The selling and buying of Jewish men figurines featured in traditional Orthodox cloths, made mostly of wood, but also of metal, ceramics and plastic, as talisman or souvenir, are widespread in contemporary Poland. Of interest is the way these figurines are depicted: presented with a coin or moneybag, which is supposed to usher in […]

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Günther Jikeli:

Attitudes of Syrian and Iraqi Refugees in Germany towards Jews

Antisemitism on the rise again in 21st century Germany. Jews feel increasingly threatened.[1] Antisemitism is not limited to certain individual social groups. It is found on both the left and right wings of the political spectrum, as well as in the mainstream. Immigrants are also liable to hold antisemitic sentiments. However, antisemitism is a problem […]

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Marc Neugröschel: Redemption Online – Antisemitism and Anti-Americanism on the Internet

Introduction Dear chair, Prof. Schwarz-Friesel, dear colleagues, dear ladies and gentlemen, thank you for inviting me to this panel to speak about the topic “Antisemitism and anti-Americanism on the Internet.” Many of the presentations at this conference have shown that fantasies of Jewish world rule remain a staple of antisemitism. However, it appears that America […]

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Andre Oboler: Solving antisemitic hate speech in social media through a global approach to local action

Abstract / Introduction In 2008 the term “Antisemitism 2.0” was coined to describe the normalisation of antisemitism in society through the use of social media.[1] In the past decade the impact of social media in daily life has grown dramatically as has its use as a medium for hate speech.[2] Antisemitism remains one of the […]

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Ljiljana Radonić: New Antisemitism and New Media – Leftist Derealization of Islamist “Emancipation”

Jean Améry referred to leftist anti-Zionists as “ehrbare Antisemiten” – virtuous antisemites.[1] While far-right antisemitism had been delegitimized after the defeat of the Nazis and its proponents now communicate in codes, directing their resentment, for instance, at “the East coast”, leftist antisemites present themselves as antifascists.[2] This paper – presented as part of the “Internet […]

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Jan Rathje: “Money rules the world, but who rules the money?” Antisemitism in post-Holocaust Conspiracy Ideologies

Abstract Current conspiracy narratives initially appear to exhibit no connection with anti-Semitism. “1%”, “vaccination-lie”, “chemtrails” or the “flat earth conspiracy” do not overtly invoke the “Jewish world conspiracy”. This study focusses on the relation between antisemitism and conspiracy ideologies under the premise of “detour-communication”. In the first part, it is shown, that antisemitism and conspiracy […]

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Talia Naamat: Are the New Forms of Antisemitism Prohibited in the European Legal Systems?

Abstract During the past several decades there has been a marked shift in the way antisemitism manifests itself. No longer aimed only at the Jew or Jewish institutions, this age-old hatred has morphed into extreme anti-Israeli expressions and actions. While it is no longer acceptable or even lawful to express classical antisemitic tropes in public, […]

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Giovanni Matteo Quer: Antisemitism and the UN

International law provides a wide number of instruments to combat racism, discrimination, and hatred. UN agencies report racism and allocates resources to projects endowing the principles of tolerance and acceptance of diversity. Some of these actions also target antisemitism, or at least some of its manifestations. The question of antisemitism is by no means missing […]

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Andreas Benl: Cultural Relativism and Antisemitism

Right-wing populist identity politicians and left-liberal multiculturalists seem to agree on one thing: that the chaos in the Middle East and religious-political struggles in Western migration societies are essentially a clash between static cultures. While the former see restrictions on Muslim immigration as a magic cure against Islamist terrorism, the latter confirm the headscarf as […]

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Jeremy Jones: Thinking Locally, Acting Globally

Just over 25 years ago, in a place very close to Vienna (in Australian eyes) – Brussels, a huge gathering of politicians, diplomats, Jewish leaders, civil society, intellectuals, academics and activists, convened to celebrate a new era – after the fall of the Soviet Union – in which antisemitism had been relegated to the gutters […]

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